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Past Events


Speaker Event:

In April, we held a fireside chat with Emily Denton, a Senior Research Scientist on Google's Ethical AI team. We discussed topics such as Google's role in trustworthy AI, what students can do in this space, and future directions in AI fairness.


zoom call

In November, we hosted a zine-making workshop with Amy, the creator of BubbleSort Zines. We are now working on building Caltech's zine library, a repository of zines made by the Caltech community.

CS 141:

CS 141 is a class where students work on data-driven projects with applications to problems with social impact through partnerships with nonprofits, civic organizations, and other domain experts. Our curriculum also includes guest speakers and workshops on the social and ethical impacts of computing. In the 2020-2021 academic year, we are focusing on projects related to criminal justice.


We organized CS 81, a project class where five teams of undergraduate students, each matched with an alumni mentor, built technical projects that addressed the needs of local nonprofits. We also focused on project management and general design practices. We hosted workshops on participatory design by Hillary Mushkin, inclusive design and deployment by Adam Blank, and web hosting by Alex Cui.

Partner Nonprofit Organizations
  • Arlington Garden
  • Pasadena Media
  • Caltech Y
  • Immaculate Heart Community
  • App infrastructure


Screenshot images of website, database and app.

Our pilot project built a case database system and web app for Miracle Messages, a San Francisco-based nonprofit that aims to end homelessness by reuniting homeless individuals with loved ones with the guidance of alumni mentor Mike Walsh. Read about it in the Caltech news.