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We are Caltech TechReach, a student-run campus initiative that explores the human and societal impacts of technology.

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Partnerships with nonprofits

We run a class where student teams build projects, with the guidance of alumni mentors, to meet the needs of nonprofit organizations. We did a pilot project in 2018, and we had 5 teams work with local nonprofits in winter 2020. Stay tuned for more updates!

emily denton
Workshops and guest speakers

We host interactive workshops and guest speaker events to foster conversations about the impacts of technology. In the past, we've invited speakers like Emily Denton from Google's Ethical AI team and Amy Wibowo, founder of Bubble Sort Zines.

CS 12: Algorithmic fairness and justice

In Spring 2022, we will be teaching a class on machine learning fairness and sociotechnical considerations. This will be a reading/discussion-based class that is intended for students without much or any background in this area.